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Why the name ebe?

Ebe is an integrated development designed to support Assembly Language.  After teaching assembly language one semester where the students and I depended on using gdb for debugging, I wanted a better solution.  I tried ddd and a few IDEs, but they all suffered from the fact that yasm doesn't provide data type information to gdb.  I started trying to write a debugger in python and decided dbe was a nice name for a debugger.  Since dbe had a source code window which supported nearly all that was needed in an editor, it became apparent that dbe was almost a development environment.  So I decided to expand it to be an IDE and I had to pick a name for a development environment.  The name ebe was too hard resist since it already means extraterrestrial biological entity.  But just to satisfy my sense of fairness, I can claim that is stands for easy beginner environment.  This also explains the alien icon.  I drew my own alien icon based on what I have read of little green men.  I hope I haven't made an icon too much like something someone has trademarked.

What can ebe do?

In a nutshell ebe supports program development in C, C++, Fortran and Assembly.  It was designed to support Assembly and I needed to be able to build programs with C functions, so C and C++ were important.  Adding Fortran was easy, so why not?  The Qt version of ebe runs on Linux, OS X and Windows.

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